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See What Our Client Says

Roonie From Ontario Canada

We Have Increased their Business by approx 17% and grow their social Media to the next Level.

Strephanie from toronto Canada

We have Increased their Customer Base & Made their Email List Grow Exponentially.


Social Media Manager

We manage each and every social media for you like Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , snapchat , twitter etc.

Web Design & Development

Our designers and developers will create an attractive, SEO-friendly & fully functional.

Content Marketing

From blogs and social posts to info graphics videos we create and promote quality.

ECommerce Solutions

We provide eCommerce solutions to increase the revenue.

Social Media Marketing

We Make Marketing Strategies to increase your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our 7+ years of experience, our SEO services will get your site ranking.

My Team

Alex ( Website Designer & Search Engine Optimizer )

We make Sure that We build eye Catching and Optimized Website All Accross the World. We Also Make sure that our client Website Rank the topmost in google search engine.

Shugofta ( Content Writer)

We make each and everthing that we need to post on social media Whether its a picture, video, logo or anything related to Graphic Content & we also make sure that it gets viral.

Kyle ( Marketing Specialist )

We make Creative Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Promote your business to the next level.


  • CLIENT SATISFACTION: We Believe in 100% Client Satisfaction, So we offer Full Money Back Guarantee ( No Questions Asked )
  • NO CONTRACT: No Contract Cancel Anytime ( No Conditions Apply )
  • FAIR PRICES : Our Prices Are Completely Fair According to the Services We Provide​.    
  • FAST DELEIVERY: Our Service Delivery is Faster


  • SAVE TIME & PRIVACY: Save their time and Privacy So that they can focus running their business
  • POTENTIAL LEADS: We Provide Potential Leads / Customers to Out Clients
  • ASSETS FOR CLIENTS : We Build Assets for them    
  • Potential Client Email Collection
  • Potential Client Facebook Fan Page Growth.
  • Potential Client Instagram Real Followers Growth.
  • Potential Client Twitter Real Followers Growth.
  • We make a Cool Snapchart for the Clients.
  • Youtube Mareketing.
  • Pininterest Marketing


  • FREE AUDIT: We Make a Free Audit For the Clients No Matter what whether you decide to go with us or not.
  • FREE DIGITAL LOGO: We make a Digital Logo For your Company That you Can Use in your Social Media Completely For Free.
  • FREE 1 MARKETING STRATEGY: We Will Give You one Marketing Strategy that Can Help You Grow Your Business For Free No Matter Weather you decide to got with us or not.                            

About Us

We’re an international full-service inbound marketing agency based in Canada. Driven by the success of our clients, we take great pride in the content marketing and online strategies we implement to drive website traffic, convert visitors into leads and improve sales.
After spending over three years immersed in social media marketing and helping over 17 clients embrace social media, I learned a valuable lesson: social media alone isn’t enough. Not enough to generate real marketing ROI for most businesses in the time frame they expect to get it. While Social media can increase marketing effectiveness, it’s only a piece of the overall online marketing puzzle.
Sure, you want a presence on social media, expanded market awareness and hopefully engagement from fans and followers. But what will drive your revenue is converting that awareness and engagement into real visitors to your site who inquire to learn more about your company and product/service and who eventually turn into your customer.
Our Mission: To provide results-based online marketing services to clients who don’t have the people, resources, time or expertise to get a measurable return.

I have To switch between india and Canada to meet Clients so if anyhow if unable to contact me on the numbers send me an email My response will be within 1 hour.


Canada : #1207 ,2050 boulevard de maisonneuve ouest Montreal h3h1k7

India : # 18 , New Mandi Township Sec-8 , Ambala City , Haryana India , 134003

Our phone

Canada, U.S.A. & ( Whatsapp ) : +15149610837


Instagram :@client_generator

Our Working Hours

​Monday to Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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